Super 22000

Super ACTORS 22000 engine Oil has been produced by using base selected semi-synthetic oils and the best additives which approved by the world’s largest automobile manufacturers ( OEM Approvals) and Petroleum Association of america (API) for use in all seasons and weather conditions.

The Quality Level
  • In accordance with Iranian standard no, 9186&11378
  • API SL/CF ISIRI 9186/11378
  • For use in gasoline cars designed to 2005 and supercharged diesel cars.
  • All engines which is recommended to use oil with API SL/CF SAE:10W40 quality level in them.
  • Superior thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Engine cleanliness and low combustion residues.
  • Anti-wear protection provides engine wearing control.
  • Neutralizing generated acidic components through combustion and oxidation.
  • Superior engine life and engine power. Superior lubrication ability at low temperature start-up.
  • Superior shear stability leads to viscosity retention at all operating temperature.
  • 1-liter metal carton contains 12 cans
  • 4-liter metal carton contains 6 cans
  • 208 liter steel barrels
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