Motor oil 6000

ACTORS Motor oil 6000 is produced using paraffinic base oil with appropriate viscosity index and the best additives approved by the largest global car manufacturers (OEM) Approvals and American Petroleum Institute (API).

The Quality Level
  • In accordance with the national iranian standard no. 585
  • MIL-L- 2104-B
  • ISIRI 585

Suitable for light non-supercharged gasoline and diesel engines

  • Properties of anti-oxidation and removing deposits from the combustion engine
  • Anti-wear property for controlling amortization of motor parts
  • Appropriate TBN to neutralize oxidation acids to prevent corrosion of engine parts
  • 1 liter carton contains 12 cans
  • 4 liter carton contains 6 cans
  • 20 liter plastic drum
  • 208 liter steel barrels
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