20000 ++ Turbo

Super ACTORS 20000 engine oil has been produced by using paraffinic base from petroleum shear refining and refining process performance with hydrogen (hydro finishing) and the best approved additive material by the largest car global manufacturers ( OEM Approvals) and Petroleum Association of America (API) to use in all seasons and weather conditions .

The Quality Level
  • In accordance with Iranian standard no, 9186 &11378
  • API SL/CF ISIRI 9186/11378
  • For use in gasoline cars designed to 2005 and supercharged diesel cars.
  • All engines which is recommended to use oil with API SL / CF SAE: 20W- 50 quality level in them.
  • Excellent Oxidation resistance and thermal stability state.
  • Cleanliness state to reduce residues from combustion and oxidation.
  • Anti-wear state to engine parts control for erosion.
  • Neutralizing state to acids OF oxidation and combustion to prevent engine parts Corrosion.
  • Increase in engine longevity and power far high quality.
  • Engine easy Start and oil quick run to parts excellently to Lubrication at low temperatures.
  • Product excellent shear stability which leads to viscosity retention at all consumption time .
  • Excellent Omission ability of excessive heat from the engine to components metallurgical structure protection.
  • Excellent control of oil consumption and costs reduction.
  • 1-liter metal carton contains 12 cans
  • 4-liter metal carton contains 6 cans
  • 208 liter steel barrels
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